CAFH Composition

Comforter of the Afflicted Formation Home (CAFH) is not just a mere organisation name but it describes clearly the composition of its future establishment which are as below;


are people who recognize the suffering of the others and then take action to help them putting aside their own challenges. They are compassionate and humble People and these people are called members in CAFH.


are the different categories of the suffering and needy people in our respective communities throughout the world. We have categorized them into three major groups which include: the poorest, homeless and the street people.

These are the people whose lives are to be transformed and restored to have hope, peace of heart and mind, and life in its fullness by the comforters in the Transit Homes or Rescue Homes or Formation Home at the villages, Districts and headquarters respectively.

Transit Home

it is a place of emergency help for any suffering and needy people. A transit home shall be found on each village and shall reflect all services as given in the rescue and formation homes but at a small level. Any beneficiary with any problem shall run to the transit home for emergency help and the team there shall ensure that they attend to the beneficiary problem solution for not more than three days. If the problem is not yet solved in the first three days, the transit home shall report the beneficiary to the District rescue home and if necessary the beneficiary shall be referred and taken to the District rescue home where further examinations shall be taken to ensure that the beneficiary is transformed in all aspects of life.

District Rescue Home

It is a rehabilitation home for the afflicted people referred from the transit homes. The rescue shall have all the sector and departmental services which will help in examining the beneficiary to know the status of each aspect of life that is; spiritual, physical, moral, social, emotional, psychological, mental, intellectual and economical and shall be responsible to recommend the beneficiaries that need special refuge to the formation home for full transformation and restoration of hope, peace of heart and mind and life in its fullness. If the beneficiary is not transformed within three months, the beneficiary shall be reported to the formation home and the beneficiary may be referred where necessary or stay at the rescue home but the formation home should be aware of the beneficiary. Services at the district rescue home will reflect those that are at the formation home but at a medium level.

The district rescue home council

The district rescue home council is the stirring committee of the organization in the district. There role is overseeing the activities of the sectors, departments and coordination. These members are characterized by the deepened spirit of compassion with humility, determined to stand as directors to participate heartily in their positions of allocation to ensure that the street people, the poorest and homeless people in the district receive Hope, Peace and Life in Its Fullness. Nobody in the council should be forced to do this work; rather everybody should be ready to carry his/her responsibility without fear or favor with the help of God our Director in the spirit of Compassion With Humility and other foundation core values that is: love, mercy, patience, obedient to God’s Will, and ready to strive for Holiness to allow the Holy Spirit work in their lives.