About CAFH


Comforter of the afflicted formation home is a non – profit charitable foundation, initiated in the republic of Uganda for the whole world with its origin based on the Spirit of compassion with humility for transformation and restoration of hope, peace of heart and mind, life in its fullness among the afflicted and needy; especially the street people, poorest and homelessness in the whole world through prayer, evangelization and care in all aspects of life.

directors & Assistant Directors

Our Director in CAFH is God and Assistant Directors are the people with the spirit of compassion with humility ready to implement the activities of the foundation according to Vision, Major Goal, Mission, Objectives And Core Values.


Transformation and restoration of hope, peace of heart and mind, and life in its fullness among the afflicted and the needy especially the street people, the poorest and the homeless people in the whole world.

Peace of Heart and Mind

This is a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in the heart and mind of a person contains calmness and quietness. A person can now become a peace maker to others and in his/her country. The fruits can now be joy and happiness.

Life In Its Fullness

It is the quality of being complete and satisfied through balancing the aspects of life i.e. spiritually life, physical life, social life, moral behavior, psychological/mental, intellectual and economically complete and satisfied.


These are the different categories of the suffering and needy people in our respective communities throughout the world. We have categorized them into three major groups which include: the Poorest, Homeless and the Street People.

Street People

These are the people who have lost self-identity, left their homes and stay in slums looking for survival. The situation in the street leads them to change their behavior in order to fit in the new society. They develop negative attitudes and need to be helped urgently. They are categorized into 3 Services of Devotion and these include: Street Children, Street Youths and Street Adults.


To prevent, fight and stop injustices, corruption, violence, poverty and ignorance encountered by the Street, the poorest and homeless people through Prayer, Evangelization and Care to all suffering and needy people in all aspects of life that is; Spiritually, Physically, Socially, Morally, Intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, and economic growth and development for transformation, restoration and sustainability in compassion with humility (Lk 4:18-19)


It is a dependence attitude towards God. It is the way of talking to God. In CAFH, prayer is not only words but it moves with acts of holiness. Therefore, in whatever we do, we ensure proper love and care in all our acts and words as the best prayer and suffering to God.


This is a way of trying to teach people about their faith that they may know God and His son Jesus Christ as the only savior of our lives. Evangelization in CAFH is beyond words as it is accompanied with acts of hope, peace and life for other people. We are all called upon to speak and act in ways that transform other peoples’ acts and words. In all our actions and words as comforters, we are entitled to evangelize in a surprising way reflecting the good acts of Jesus’ life as a virtue to holiness.


This is the feeling of sympathy and affection, attitude of concern and responsibility, and the action of attending to someone’s needs, keeping him/her safe and well. These days very few people are ready to listen to others, so what people do to avoid or to cover stress is by drinking alcohol/listening to music every time while others watch television full time yet the problems are not solved. At the end a person becomes sick psychologically, mentally or develops diseases like ulcers and pressure.


To provide enough of what is needed in order to live or exist or to make something continue for some time without becoming less.

District Coordinators

In addition the foundation has embarked on the support of this people through the rescue homes in each district and has started partnerships with other institutions to support 136000 beneficiaries in offer of bursaries and scholarships taking on average 1000 beneficiaries per district as COVID-19 relief to the vulnerable Ugandans and parents at large and about 10000 beneficiaries are within the transit homes taken care by our coordinators in each district and at the main office of the organization.

Due to the self heartily support of our members have contributed towards the standing of this work however beneficiaries needs are many where the foundation calls for any support from any compassionate and humble person, organization , stakeholders , partnerships amongst others in feeding and accommodation structures of these beneficiaries , transport trucks and field vehicles to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries , artisan materials to help on hands on training for beneficiaries , upkeep for staff who have volunteered fully in teaching and doing a lot of work to help and care for beneficiaries.

The organization is properly managed to execute its activities through its management structure that consists of three categories say the General Assembly, board with representatives on committee following from the regional to the village committee purposely for empowerment of the sectors of the formation home and these ensures smooth management and flow of the organization activities in the country helped by the well and skilled manpower in form of management as in the description below,