Health is a sector running under comforter of the afflicted formation home as a foundation that has been initiated in Uganda for the whole world. It started in the republic of Uganda targeting groups of beneficiaries like the street, poorest and homeless people in Uganda and elsewhere in the world.

Health sector is focusing on restoration and transformation of health to the needy people in order to have good health especially in street, poorest and homeless people through giving good health services in health centers, hospitals and outreaches in all districts of Uganda by offering immunization, nutritional assessment, health education talks, guidance and counseling, natural family planning, maternal child health, mental health, adolescent health, palliative care ,dental care, diagnostic tests, treatment among others and care to all the suffering and needy people in all aspects of life to promote good health of people in Uganda and the whole world.

We intend to give directions, support, care, treatment to needy people through establishment of health facilities in all districts of Uganda (health centers three, four and hospitals) to give all health services to the needy people at no cost in order to enable them have good health and live a happy life.

Many needy people suffer much from different diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, epilepsy, cancer and HIV/AIDS among others and they do not have access to health facilities for care and medical treatment due to lack of enough financial support and guidance but CAFH is working hard to overcome ignorance and support needy people access all health services as required with ease.

CAFH health sector gives health care services to the street, poor and homeless people in Uganda in the following ways.

CAFH Health workers move screening, interviewing, assessing beneficiaries from different districts and filling medical forms for them to identify those with different diseases for special attention and some are treated while others referred to hospitals for special attention and treatment.

 CAFH health sector promotes and protects the health of needy people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play through sensitization on how to control and prevent communicable diseases forexanple cholera, COVID-19, measles, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis b, malaria fever, TB, shigellosis, dysentery, typhoid and Ebola. prevention of non-communicable diseases like diabetes mellitus, asthma, epilepsy, mental illness, malnutrition auto immune diseases and cardiovascular disorders like stroke, heart diseases and hypertension among others.

CAFH has managed to have health coordinators in each district and village coordinators in Uganda who participate in delivery of public and community health care packages to needy people and communities in order to enhance and maintain good sanitation, personal hygiene and have clean water through community participation in cleaning water resources. Give support and palliative care to the patients with chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS, cancer and mothers with fistula through outreaches to give them comfort, hope, and supportive care in order to live a happy life.

Health sector promotes reproductive health of needy people and communities in order to eliminate maternal and infant mortality rate in Uganda through promoting maternal child health and save motherhood as encouraging and supporting of pregnant mothers to attend antenatal postnatal, clean safe delivery and to take children for immunization. Health education talks to the needy people and communities on how to prevent and control sexually transmitted diseases live HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, hepatitis, syphilis, candida, herpes simplex virus and other possible reproductive diseases in order to make them understand how to prevent, control and seek for treatment as early as possible to fight their transmission.

Health sector is conducting home and community visitations in many districts of Uganda to survey, study and get data. For the research made about health of the needy people through community mobilization, assessment, participation and diagnosis together with community members in order to get common diseases and to know the wellbeing of needy people in communities a lot has been done and certain possible solutions discussed with community members themselves. Data collected helps top management take further decisions and plans for the good of beneficiaries.

Health sector is offering psychological support to the needy people through guidance and counseling of families and communities in order to reduce mental illnesses and domestic violence.

It has carried out mobile outreaches through testing, counseling and treating of needy people on sexually transmitted diseases plus minor medical conditions like peptic ulcers, allergy and flue among others. Then major medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, Heart disease, renal failure and others have been referred to be handled by government health facilities.

We intend to give directions, support, care, treatment to needy people through establishment of health facilities in all districts of Uganda (health centers three, four and hospitals) to give all health services to the needy people free of charge in order to enable them have good health and live a happy life.

Promotion of school health. CAFH has schools in different parts of Uganda in which the health sector is promoting school health in the following ways.

Equipping of the school sick bay in order to make students access medical services quickly to promote good health and wellbeing of students for better learning.

Health education talks about sanitation, personal hygiene and safe drinking water are conducted in schools to students and staff.

Reproductive health talks are given to students in all schools especially girls section.

Testing and counseling on HIV/AIDS and hepatitis to all students and those known or found victims are counseled and given supportive treatment to prevent opportunistic infections and fight transmission.

Testing and treating of minor medical conditions like malaria, urinary tract infection, candidiasis, allergy, flue, lower abdominal pain, dehydration and anxiety in order to promote good health of students in schools. Psychological support like counseling and guidance to all students in the schools is done to promote mental health.


CAFH health sector is participating in COVID-19 pandemic through giving hand sanitizers, N95 masks, cover roll and health education to communities about COVID-19.

The following are challenges faced during delivery of health care services to needy people and communities in Uganda through outreaches and at facilities.

  • Unavailability of enough land for construct of health facilities in all districts of Uganda.

  • Lack of enough funds to support health sector and the foundation activities at large.
  • Unavailability of medical supplies leading to lack of equipment and pharmaceuticals to support good health care services delivery to needy people and vulnerable groups in Uganda.
  • Lack of good transport means especially ambulances to run patients from communities to facilities for medical services. Lack of vehicles also hinder outreach programs which lead to poor delivery of health services to the needy people and communities.

    Any support from interested individuals and organizations towards our delivery of health services to the suffering people is highly appreciated.