As corona virus has shaken the whole world, CAFH Is participating in saving street people and other Ugandans at large who have been much affected by this pandemic. Many street children are dying on streets with nothing to eat as some have no homes hence nowhere to go. Other citizens who have been working on a daily basis to earn a living are also stuck in their homes only being helped by compassionate people and the government to get what to eat though the need for more support still exists to save the situation.

In many districts of the country, CAFH has managed to solicit funds, food, and sanitizers among others, these have been given to the national COVID-19 task force and district committees as well. Below are some of the illustrations showing the handover of different things to the responsible officials.

hand over matoke to the district task force at the district grounds
Gulu CAFH representatives as they handover sanitizers to the district task force at the district head quoters .
Brother Shiende Gilbert deputy executive director handing over posho to the national COVID-19 task force at the prime minister’s office.

The exercise is ongoing and any support to help the needy people from organizations, societies, individuals, and governments is highly appreciated.