Comforter of the afflicted formation home is a non – profit charitable foundation in the society, initiated in the republic of Uganda for the whole world with its origin based on the Spirit of compassion with humility for transformation and restoration of hope, peace of heart and mind, life in its fullness among the afflicted and needy; especially the street people, poorest and homeless in the whole world through prayer, evangelization and care in all aspects of life.

Historically, CAFH is a result of an inspiration got in 2007 and has been under development up to 2017; it was registered as an NGO in 2018 and went into public in 2019; URSB certificate of incorporation No. 8020001107285 and NGO certificate from Ministry of Internal Affairs No. 2422 and a Permit of Operation 2930.

The inspiration was subjected to Research accompanied with different writings which resulted into the development of the strategic plan and the first 25 people who were connected to the same spirit of “Compassion with humility” without discrimination of race, religion, tribe, level of education, gender, age amongst others and together we came up with a constitution.

Through love, mercy with patience, obedience to the will of God, trusting in God’s providence and Holiness to allow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the above members have inspired and attracted more than 90000 volunteers join the organization to participate in the same spirit of compassion and humility ready to commit themselves in prayer, evangelization and care for the afflicted and needy people in the whole world.

In order for this work to be fulfilled, there was need of a place of action which was also to be inspired. All the 25 people took moments of prayer asking for the direction of where we can begin from. A number of places were nominated but due to the inspired criteria of selection, Mukono emerged as the district where the first office was to be situated after passing through all the inspired steps. This was followed by research to confirm the place and to see whether a house of inspiration with residential rooms and office can be located.  With GOD’s providence, a house was located and this is where our first office has been situated. after occupying the office, a strategic plan was made with focus of ensuring prayer, evangelization , care , teaching and learning and this was to help the organization full fill its objectives and vision of transformation and restoration of hope amongst the suffering and the needy people more especially the street people, the poorest and the homeless people .

Currently the organization has embarked on the support of these people through the transit homes in each district and has started schools that now are accommodating over 2500 beneficiaries and about 10000 beneficiaries are within the transit homes our coordinators taking care of them in district and regional offices of the organization.

Due to the self heartily support our members have contributed towards the standing of this work however needs for beneficiaries are many where the organization calls for any support from any compassionate and humble persons, organizations , stakeholders , partnerships amongst others in feeding and accommodation structures of these beneficiaries , transport trucks and field vehicles to monitor the progress of the beneficiaries , artisan materials to help on hands on training for beneficiaries , upkeep for staff who have volunteered fully in teaching and doing a lot of work to help and care for beneficiaries.

Currently the organization has embarked on the construction process of the formation home as a unifying factor of all beneficiaries in the whole world that consist of the education services to the underprivileged groups more especially the street people , the homeless people and the poorest people , the health sector  consisting of health centers, pharmacies, worldwide referral hospital with enough equipment amongst others that will help in providing health services to people in the whole world , the orphanages that shall help the beneficiaries to take refuge and for easy journaling with them to discover their calls and be mentored to become better people for the future generation, the recreation grounds and vocationalization of services that shall help in talent uncovering and glooming amongst the beneficiaries , alongside the road  projects in form of primary and secondary with tertiary industry to help in processing  and manufacturing which will sustain the formation home and add value to the economy of the country as well.

The organization is properly managed to execute its activities through its management structure that consists of three categories say the General Assembly, board with representatives on committees following from the regional to the village committees purposely for empowerment of the sectors of the formation home and these ensures smooth management and flow of the organization activities in the country helped by the well and skilled manpower in form of management as in the description below,



The above structure helps the organization in management of all services directly linked to the under privileged groups and supported by our donors in all Formation home sectors


We want to thank God for His providence and humbly extend our sincere gratitude to the district leaders, volunteers, well-wishers and honorary members who have so far heartedly cooperated with us to see that our dear brothers and sisters suffering in respective aspects of life can be helped. May the almighty Father reward you abundantly for any support and advice rendered to us as we are spear heading the construction of the formation home.