Our Background

CAFH was as a result of an inspiration received by one of our member in 2007 and started research in 2016. Research was accompanied with different writings related to the inspirations as were written by the people which resulted into the development of the strategic plan and the 25 people who were connected to the same spirit of “Compassion with humility” without discrimination of race, religion, tribe, level of education, gender, age amongst other and together we came up with a constitution.

Through love, mercy with patience, obedience to the will of God, trusting in God’s providence and Holiness to allow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the above members have inspired and attracted more than 90000 members to date to join the group to participate in the same spirit of compassion and humility ready to commit themselves in prayer, evangelization and care for the afflicted and needy people in the whole world.

How We Started.

In order for this work to be fulfilled, there was a need of a place of action which was also to be inspired. All the 25 people took moments of prayer asking for the direction of where we can begin from. A number of places were nominated but due to the inspired criteria of selection, Mukono emerged as the district where the first office was to be situated after passing through all the inspired steps. This was followed by research to confirm the place and to see whether a house of inspiration with residential rooms and office can be located. With GOD’s providence, a house was located and this is where our first office was situated. After occupying the office, a strategic plan was made with a focus of ensuring prayer, evangelization , care , teaching and learning and this was to help the organization full fill its objectives and vision of transformation and restoration of hope amongst the suffering and the needy people more especially the street people, the poorest and the homeless people .