Comforter of the Afflicted Formation Home is a non-profit charitable foundation “ in the Society, initiated in the republic of Uganda for the whole world with its origin based on the spirit of compassion with humility (Mk. 6: 34-35), for transformation, restoration and sustainability. Its foundation is dated 12years back since 2007 as a call and an inspiration which was later subjected to research and development up to 2017 and was confirmed by the first people on the 25th May,2018. CAFH is dedicated to all people with the spirit of compassion with humidity without discrimination of Religion, Colour, Tribe, Education, Status, Size, Age among others.

CAFH was officially registered in 2018 by URSB and the National Bureau For Non-governmental organization

It will operate in all the four regions through districts of the republic of Uganda that is, Central, Western, Eastern and Northern regions with main headquarters in central region, and an office in each district and transits in each village.


Transformation and restoration of hope, peace of heart and mind, and life in its fullness among the afflicted and the needy especially the street people, the poorest and the homelessness people in the whole world..


In compassion with humility, we prevent, fight,and stop injustces, corruption, violence, poverty and ignorance encountered by the street people, the poorest and the homeless people in the whole world; through prayer, evangelization,and care to all the afflicted and needy in all aspects of life that is spiritually, physically, socially, morally, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, mentally and economic growth and development for Transformation, Restora􀆟on and sustainability.


The spirit of “Compassion with Humility” which is reflected through Love, Mercy, Patience, Obedience to the will of God, trusting in God’s providence and Holiness to allow the guidance and the direction of the Holy Spirit in our Lives


Be Compassionate and Humble.


  • To identify and help the street people, the poorest and the homeless through visitations and giving time to them
  • To ensure that no body stays on the street for more than one month.
  • To ensure that all these people and a home and receive peace and life in its fullness
  • To establish a home with basic needs in which people with special care take refuge.
  • To show love , mercy and compassion to all those who seem to be rejected without looking at how sinful they are.
  • To provide room for sharing and discussion to know their challenges and be guided to find solutions by themselves in order to restore peace of heart and mind.
  • To make sure that a person receives enough care to attain, grow and live balanced in all aspects of life as given in the mission to attain peace and life in its fullness.
  • To ensure protection, reduce corruption and exploitation to all levels of people especially among the poorest who are voiceless.
  • To make sure that any small and big support given to the poor and the needy reach to them in a helpful way.
  • To discover, train and develop their talents and abilities for self-reliance
  • To ensure that the child is creative in all kinds of life.
  • To make sure that the person grows with a vision of his or her life.
  • To reduce theft, sexual and drug abuses in communities.
  • To make sure that people know, love God and remain faithful to Him in all their daily activities hence glorifying His Name.
  • To reduce family breakups and poor upbringing of a child.
  • To sensitize and make advocates on domestic violence,injustices,since they are the main cause of people’s suffering leading them to street, povertyand homeless hence promoting peace, justice and human rights.