CAFH is a new nonprofit charitable foundation in public although it has been under development since 2007. We thank God for the number of people who have come up as members of CAFH to work together so that the suffering and needy people are helped and also those who are still on their journey to come. CAFH is dedicated to all people, governments, foundations, organizations, societies, Associations, communities to mention but few with the spirit of “Compassion with Humility” in the whole world. To transform and restore hope, peace of heart and mind, and life in its fullness among the suffering and needy especially the street people, the poorest people and Homelessness, we really need accompaniment of groups, the governments and personals to meet the beneficiaries’ needs. Therefore, we still welcome all people with the spirit of Compassion with Humility together with different bodies of the same spirit from Uganda and other countries to participate with us to meet this mission. The suffering of people in our communities hiders our personal development and happiness; today its them, tomorrow it’s we; therefore our brothers and sisters.  I humbly request everyone to join a hand.  May the good Lord bless you all.